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Spurdomarket is a new, Finland-based Monero-only market, meaning all transactions are conducted in XMR. The market has a very basic design and is more paired down than most. It lacks the frills of more advanced markets, uses a classic escrow system in which the market holds all the funds, and does not offer a whole lot in the way of security protection. As Monero does not support multisignature transactions, neither does Spurdomarket. Finalize Early is an available but unendorsed option for all vendors.

A good portion of the market is written in Finnish, which may make it daunting for use by non-speakers, but the problem imposed by having to read a foreign language can be pretty easily overcome using a translation tool, such as Google Translate. If you have privacy concerns, you can run the translator tool website in the Tor browser, in a tab alongside Spurdomarket.

For example, putting the tab title phrase “Tervetuloa Spuromarkettiin” into Google Translate reveals “Welcome to Spurdomarket” as a the Finnish-to-English result.

It is obvious that Spurdomarket does not mind attracting an international customer base as the conditions to become a vendor are published in English. For the moment, however, there is only a handful of active vendors. Most of these vendors are based in Finland but some are based elsewhere, and some will ship internationally.

Because the market is heavily directed at Finnish customers, make sure to determine that your vendor is willing to ship internationally before placing an order (if you live outside of Finland, that is).

Interestingly, Spurdomarket supports a “dead drop” option for delivery. This involves the vendor leaving your order in a pre-specified, pre-agreed upon physical location for your personal pickup. While there are several benefits of this method as opposed to using the postal system, this option will likely not apply to you (unless you live in one of Finland’s primary urban centers). Before using Spurdomarket please make sure to use a bitcoin mixer such as ChipMixer.

Though not much is known about Spurdomarket, we can learn something from the few messages they left for newcomers. Here is the translation of the contents of the menu tab titled “Tukea ja Neuvoja”:

“Our goal is to provide a good spirit of up-to-date information-based advice for safer exposure. We take into account the use of intoxicants from the perspective of a disadvantaged human, and we do not judge you or your choices for intoxication. Our goal is to help you reduce risks to health hazards and bad experiences as well as advise on how to act if the side effects of intoxication have already occurred.”

Other than this message and the information they provide in the vendor tab, there is almost no information provided about the market – nothing about payment methods, shipping options, multisignature escrow, finalize early options, etc. Outside of the support ticket system, there’s no real way to contact anyone who works at Spurdomarket.

Despite these drawbacks and the limited number of product listings, the vendors that are present do seem to be quite popular; some having racked up hundreds of positive feedbacks in the six months of the market’s existence. This leads us to believe it does have some traction, if mainly specific to Finland, but the potential for international growth is definitely there.

To find a working link use a indexing site such as DarkFail or TorTaxi.

Quick Facts about Spurdomarket

  • Founded: 2020
  • Link: spurdotsffuj3ksdtv4vrphe5uhnektpnvyesqhzygcea7myihb2viyd.onion
  • Number of listings: <100
  • Listing categories: Doping, Stimulants, Cannabis, Other, Psychedelics, Empathogens, Opioids, Dissociatives, Benzodiazepines
  • Coins accepted: Monero (XMR)
  • Multisignature escrow: No
  • Finalize Early (FE) Allowed: Yes
  • Vendor bond: €300 in XMR

Before getting started

Before attempting to access Spurdomarket or any darknet market, there are a few concepts of which you must possess a basic understanding. First, you’ll need to make sure you have the latest version of the Tor browser installed, which is what allows you to connect to any .onion website or darknet market.

Next, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of how Monero (XMR) works: how to send, store and receive it. Monero can be a bit trickier to use than Bitcoin and is definitely harder to find, but it is listed on a number of big exchanges, such as Binance, Huobi, Kraken, and KuCoin. Thanks to Monero’s advanced privacy features, it is basically impossible to trace the movement of funds, which is why it’s perfect for use in darknet market commerce.

Finally, if you are truly interested in maintaining your privacy, you’ll also need to be aware of the basic principles of OPSEC (operations security). An example of good OPSEC would be only accessing the Tor network through a VPN and removing any visible trace of your Tor network activity.

Even though Tor obfuscates your IP address when visiting a website, your internet service provider could theoretically still know that you were accessing Tor in the first place.

Another example of good OPSEC would be to never send XMR straight from an exchange to a darknet market account. Even though the destination address is not recorded by the blockchain, it is recorded by the exchange, thus creating a potential link between your real-world identity and darknet market activity. Basically, there’s no amount of education too great when it comes to maintaining your freedom and physical well-being.

Registering an account at Spurdomarket

Despite the obvious language barrier, registering an account at Spurdomarket is relatively simple as it employs the standard procedure used by just about every other darknet market. There are no annoying captchas to deal with, which simplifies the process a bit more. To get started, simply click on the word “Register”, toward the top right corner of the screen. You will be brought to the account creation menu, which looks like this:

Spurdomarket login

The first field, next to the word “Käyttäjänimi”, is where you will enter a username. Be sure to pick something unique that can’t be traced back to your real-world or other online identities. The second word, “Salasana”, means “Password”, as you may already have deduced. The field below that is where you will re-enter your password to confirm you typed it in correctly. Per Spurdomarket’s instruction, the password must be at least 12 characters long. We recommend choosing a unique password that is a random combination of letters, numbers and special characters.

After you have filled these 3 fields and solved the captcha, press the blue button that says “Rekisteroidy” (Register). You will then be redirected to a login screen with a banner at the top that reads, “User successfully registered.” Enter your username and password, fill the captcha and press the blue button that says “Kirjaudu Sisaan” (Log In) to enter the market.

Spurdomarket login screenshot

Note that you do not need to check the box that says “Muista minut”, as this translates to “Remember Me”; a feature you don’t necessarily want to enable. You will now see the market home page, which looks like this:

Market home page

If you have prior experience with darknet markets, the layout will look pretty familiar: menu options across the top, categories in the left column, product listings in the right. Also like most darknet markets, the first thing you’ll need to do before placing an order is post your PGP public key.

To do this, click on your username in the upper right corner of the screen. This will bring up your user profile options.


Click on the link in the left column that says “PGP 2FA”. Paste your PGP public key in the text box. It should look something like this when properly entered:

pgp key set

Next, press “Configure”. You’ll need to verify ownership of your public key by decrypting a message sent to you by Spurdomarket. Copy the entire contents of the text box with the encrypted message, paste it into your PGP utility, and use the corresponding PGP private key to decrypt it. Paste the token number portion of the decrypted contents into the “Token” field, which should look something like this:

pgp key message decryption

After pressing “Submit”, you will be brought back to the main market page and greeted with a green banner at the top of the screen that says “PGP added”, if the code was entered successfully.

Making a deposit at Spurdomarket

Spurdomarket uses the traditional account-based system, which means you must first fund your account before attempting to make a purchase. To do this, click on the XMR balance menu tab toward the top of the screen to bring up your account dashboard. Here you will be presented with a deposit address, to which you will send the XMR to fund your account.

bitcoin BTC deposit

Note that you will also be presented with a BTC deposit option, which is the address represented in the displayed QR code. Ignore it as vendors no longer accept BTC for payment.

Instead, use the Monero address to make a deposit, which is a long string of characters that starts with the number “8” (in the above example it starts with “83YcNDjj…”.

Per the market’s instructions, XMR addresses are non-reusable, meaning a new deposit address is generated for your account each time a deposit is received.

After your funds have been received by the market, your XMR balance will be updated, and you can now go about placing orders.

Browsing Spurdomarket

As it is less than half a year old, the listing selection on Spurdomarket is quite small. The market’s 75 or so listings are divided into the following categories (along with its displayed Finnish name):

  • Doping (doping)
  • Stimulants (stimulantit)
  • Cannabis (kannabis)
  • Other (muut)
  • Psychedelics (psykedeelit)
  • Empathogens (empatogeenit)
  • Opioids (opioidit)
  • Dissociatives (dissosiatiivit)
  • Benzodiazepines (bentsodiatsepiinit)

Clicking on a product listing reveals the following information:

  • Vendor name (myyjä)
  • Product description (tuotekuvaus)
  • Product options (tuotteen valinnat)
  • Delivery options (toimitus)

Under the product picture in the upper left corner of the listing, you’ll notice three colored boxes with numbers in them, green, black and red.

This is the count of positive, neutral and negative ratings the product listing has. Take the below listing for example:

product page at spurdomarket screenshot

You can see that this particular listing has 15 positive feedbacks, zero neutral feedbacks and zero negative feedbacks. The product amount selected in this instance is 5g for 70 EUR, plus 5 EUR for the standard shipping option, which reads “double mylar post” (posti tuplamylar).

It is of course highly recommended that you translate the item description before placing an order, in the case that you are not a native speaker of Finnish.

This contains important information pertinent to the success of your order, such as order placement instructions and shipping policies.

Clicking on a vendor name will bring you to their profile, where you can find the following information:

  • Account registration date
  • Vendor registration date
  • Number of listings categories
  • Total completed orders
  • Cancelled orders in total
  • Total number of disputes

Below these stats you will see a series of tabs, set to “About” by default.

As with the listing descriptions, it is highly recommended that you translate what your vendor has written in this tab before placing an order with them.

You can learn about what they expect from their customers as far as order placement is concerned and become aware of whatever other policies may be pertinent to your order experience.

Note that this is also where you will find a vendor’s PGP key which you will use to encrypt your shipping information. Clicking on the Feedback tab reveals the types and dates of the vendor’s most recent feedback. Clicking on the Listings tab will bring up mini product listings for all of the vendor’s currently available products.

Placing an Order

After you’ve found an item you wish to order, begin the order by clicking on the little yellow button that says “Tilaa” in the lower right corner of the product listing page. This part can be a little bit tricky because most of the field descriptions are displayed in Finnish. You will first want to specify the quantity of the item you wish to purchase and your preferred delivery option.

The order confirmation screen will look something like this (we have provided a translation of the fields in Finnish to make it easier to understand what you are looking at):

order details

Note that below this information you will see the vendor’s ordering instructions (“Tilausohjeet” – absolutely translate these instructions before placing an order) and a text box where you will enter your delivery address (“Toimitusosoite”).

Proper OpSEC involves encrypting your shipping information with the vendor’s public key before sending it, and we strongly recommending doing so. The encrypted information will look something like this when properly entered:

opsec practices

After you have done this, press the button that says “Vahvista tilaus” (confirm order) to continue.

Reminder: Double-check to make sure that your vendor accepts international orders before confirming your order. This can save you a lot of time, money and needless headache.

If everything was entered successfully, the order will be placed in the system. This will notify the vendor to begin preparing your order. After your order has been shipped, the vendor will mark it as such. This information can be found in the “My Orders” tab on your user profile page. It is at this point that you should finalize the order if your vendor requires FE (this information can be found on their vendor page).

If you need to dispute a purchase, Spurdomarket does have a support ticket and resolution system which can also be accessed in the “My Orders” tab. Look for the word “Riitautettu” (“Disputed”) next to your order to open and follow the status of a dispute. To be honest, Spurdomarket’s resolution system doesn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence, and unless you are fluent in Finnish you may find yourself having a hard time making your case.


Spurdomarket probably won’t cut it for most darknet shoppers as it offers a very limited selection of listings, dominated by Finland-based sellers who, for the most part, don’t ship internationally. There are a handful of international vendors there, however, and their numbers seem to be on a rise. While there’s not much new going on at Spurdomarket in terms of innovation, they do offer a “dead drop” option for local deliveries, even though users outside of Finland will most likely not be able to make use of it.

The market website itself has kind of an unfinished feeling to it, like it was put together over the course of a couple hours; perhaps copied from a template. Regardless, its small user base seems to be quite satisfied with it, and as far as we can tell it functions just as well as any other darknet market. We like that they insist transactions be done in XMR, and with a little bit of help from Google Translate, the foreign language barrier can be easily overcome. We just wish they’d attract a bit more of a diverse base of vendors, and with that, surely the customers would follow.